We will ensure that your budget is managed efficiently. 

Demonstrating value for money to clients is our principle goal, sourcing multiple quotes for large packages of work and transparency of costs helps us achieve this.  We will help you understand the builders prices, and differentiate between the expensive nice to have's and the necessary requirements.

It is the project manager's responsibility to agree a budget with the client, and then ensure the project team perform their duties in an applicable manner so as not to exceed the budget.  Where the budget is at risk, it is often necessary to perform value engineering workshops to establish any corrective actions required.

It is an unfortunate reality that clients can sometimes propose alterations which may have financial implications, it is the project manager's responsibility to advise the client in these instances of the best course of action, and to instruct any agreed changes.

Once the work has started on site the project manager will receive interim valuations from the builder, which will be assessed and a certificate for payment issued by the project manager; much the same occurs at the completion of the project and takes the form of a final account.