A building project manager acts as lead consultant in relation to all matters connected to the project, and is responsible for liaising with and coordinating the activities of the project team, effectively becoming your single point of contact.

WoodwardPM offers a wide range of building project management services to help you deliver your residential building works successfully, we are there to perform any such duties as may be required by the client to secure the successful completion of the building project.

"Above all this, we are there to act in our clients best interests at all times."



Getting planning approval for your project can sometimes be more difficult than building it.  From Local Planning Authorities to English Heritage, we can manage the engagement and ensure that the project team produce all the documentation required to submit a detailed planning application that will succeed.  Once approval is granted it is important to understand all the conditions of approval and discharge them as quickly as possible to enable the works to start on site.


We will manage the design coordination process from start to finish.  Foreseeing issues and making changes during the design stage is far cheaper than realising once the build has started, we can help you avoid the common pitfalls so you are not caught out.  While we do not undertake any design work ourselves we will, along with the design team, advise our clients on the most effective design in accordance with the brief.  We will monitor the design to ensure it falls within the client's specification and more importantly budget.


Demonstrating value for money to clients is our principle goal.  It is the project manager's responsibility to agree a budget with the client, and then ensure the project team perform their duties appropriately so as not to exceed the budget.  Sourcing multiple quotes for large packages of work and transparency of costs helps us achieve this, and we will help you understand the builders prices and differentiate between the expensive nice to haves and the necessary requirements.


We help our clients to understand the various forms of procurement options available to them and help choose the best one for the project.  It is the project manager's responsibility to collate the documentation for tender, ensuring the project team provide sufficient information to allow the shortlisted builders to properly prepare a tender return.  On receipt of the tenders it is necessary to evaluate them both technically and commercially, meet with the preferred builders and recommend one for appointment.  We have an in depth knowledge of building contracts and will recommend which form should be used for each project.


Once on site it is important to ensure that suitable progress monitoring and reporting procedures are in place, and carry out regular monitoring and inspection of activity on site.  We will develop a robust programme for your works and monitor against it so that the early warning signs of delays are not missed.  It's often difficult to identify the reasons for delay once on site, we can establish the root cause of the issue and hold your builder to account if they are responsible  Where necessary changes arise it is down to the project manager to advise the client of the best course of action and obtain approval for said change in the interest of keeping the project on track.

Health & Safety is a major governing factor on all construction projects, the project manager will ensure the client is advised of his statutory obligations, and that the builder conforms with all appropriate legislation.  In conjunction with the project team the project manager will monitor the works on site to ensure they are being completed to the appropriate quality.